I can help you deepen and sharpen your story.

Cody Sisco, Freelance Fiction Editor

“Cody Sisco’s deft editorial eye was pivotal in helping me to finish my debut novel And the Train Kept Moving. His suggestions and questions were always constructive and specific, pushing me to deepen and expand the scope of my novel, while also pointing our connections I might strengthen and opportunities I should consider.”

—Michael Kiggins, author of And the Train Kept Moving (Running Wild Press 2023)

A passion for editing

I love helping authors develop the full potential of their manuscripts. The best way to do so is through a developmental editing process.

The ideal time to work with me is once you’ve completed a draft of your novel and crafted it as best you can on your own. You might find yourself wondering how it stacks up against published books. Or you might suspect that what’s on the page isn’t quite the story you intended to tell. A developmental edit can help clarify your vision for the book and speed you down the path of revision.

“Cody is fastidious in his attention to detail. His editorial feedback was helpful, and his insights elevated every part of my manuscript–from prose to content. I highly recommend Cody. He is absolutely one of the best editors in the industry.” 

—Rebecca Dimyan, author of Waiting for Beirut (Running Wild Press 2023)

How developmental editing works

My goal during a developmental editing engagement is to provide you with feedback that helps you sharpen your vision for your novel and steer you through the revision process with clear direction and confidence.

First, we’ll talk about your goals for the story, what lit your fire to write it, and what concerns you have about its execution. Then, I will read through your manuscript multiple times, making notes about story arc, character development, important themes woven throughout, and more. I’ll provide you with an editorial letter that makes observations on the novel’s main story progression, readership considerations, strengths, and areas of focus for revision. I also include suggestions related to character, plot, setting, language, and themes. We’ll talk about the feedback and I’ll help you come up with a plan for revising the manuscript.

Following that, I’ll work with you on any major revisions you decide to undertake, such as changing the cast of characters, filling in plot holes, adjusting the pace, etc.

To inquire about development editing services, you can email me at editor [@] codysisco.com.

“Cody Sisco as an editor was ideal and wonderful. His guidance enabled me, sort of gave me permission to let loose with my first novel, a YA book called, Wolf-Boy

He has a sure, deft touch and always reminded me of the stakes at hand. He was also unfailingly polite, kind, and understanding with the loss of an in-law’s life. I feel like I was lucky and well-taken care of. If you need a great editor, don’t hesitate and sign up Cody for your project.”

—David Fitzpatrick, author of Wolf-Boy (Running Wild Press 2023)

I have worked with many editors and none compare to Cody. I am grateful for the work he has done with my stories. He is a very knowledgeable and skillful editor. His suggestions on how to enhance my characters, clarify the scenes, and develop the story are invaluable. He has made my stories flow so much better. He knows the craft of creative writing. 

—D. Steet, short story writer

Other Services

It’s a long term endeavor to improve your craft and for your words to find their ways into the world. The challenge of discovery and making your mark require smart, targeted investments. I’m available to help you navigate your writing career in the following ways:

  • Websites for writers, editors, artists, etc.
  • Digital branding, communication, and social media strategies for authors
  • Self-publishing support every step of the way
  • Marketing analytics and audience development
  • Collaboration and networking within literary communities


Manuscript critique and developmental editing

Professional branding re-fresh

Website implementation

Book launch campaigns


Literary Events and Media Production through BookSwell

BookSwell was created to forge connections between readers and writers in Los Angeles. We help make the book scene easier to navigate, introduce readers to new writing, and interweave digital and real-life literary experiences.

Indie Author Collaboration through Made in L.A. Writers

Made in L.A. Writers is an indie author co-op dedicated to the support and appreciation of indie writers.

WordPress Website Design

Cody was patient and knowledgeable helping us do a refresh on our website. He was able to provide great design recommendations and the finished product is just what we were hoping for.

~ Janice Kitzman, Cascade Compliance